We are a small private farm offering selected workshops and venue opportunities. See more information below....


If you have insurance and would like to hold your own workshops/classes then do contact us to discuss further. We are fully insured, have a shelter with power and light for evenings or bad weather, chairs, tables, tea & coffee. We tend to stick to bookings within April - Sept due to farm commitments and weather conditions. Max amount of people is 10, our herd are very used to visitors however we do put their welfare above all else and so there is a limit on numbers. We like everyone to feel at home, we are relaxed and open minded on the Ranch so welcome unique ideas. We help with advertising and enjoy partnering to develop new ideas. Contact Lucy to brain storm or book for 2020.

ALPACA YOGA!!! The first in the UK!!


We are the first farm in the UK to offer Alpaca Yoga, this is an outdoor activity with qualified instructor Sian Bartlett & our friendly herd of alpacas. With views of Dartmoor & tranquil setting this is not only a unique experience but is also great for mind, body and soul, you will leave feeling calm and stress free. The session ends with light refreshmentsPrice is £30 per person and full payment in advance secures your place.

Next dates will be from April 2020


Camping at Rosebud Ranch is an experience not to be missed!! You can pitch your tent under the big starry sky and feel close to the earth, you may hear the owls in the woods whilst you cook on the bbq and hopefully you will see our great sunsets & sunrises! Of course our alpacas will not be far away! It will be very dark so definately bring a torch!! We are very lucky to be able to offer this 'almost' wild camping experience where you can book to be the only camper if you so wish, we are not a camping site so have limited availability and only offered from april to sept. This can be included with any of our workshops and other experiences which would be helpful for those travelling but also adds to a great experience! Prices are £15 for a pitch and £100 for exclusive use for up to 15 people. We have basic facilities adding to your 'wild' experience. Contact us using the contact page for more information. Sorry no dogs allowed due to having pregnant livestock. Children must be supervised at all times.

THE ALPACA CONNECTION - The first in the UK!!

Kathryn Hulland and Debra Wotton will be joining us for 2020 (dates to be confirmed) with their amazing Meditation and Reiki Healing with the Alpaca Herd workshops.
There will be an initial guided mediation where we will take you through each of your chakras and then go in to a meditation to help let go of the old and welcome in the new. Following the meditation people will have a healing session with a Reiki Master. You will spend the time before and after your healing with the herd of Alpacas. Healing session approx 20 mins. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this beautiful land and take some time to reconnect with the herd, nature and yourself.
Up to 4 people - £30 each - 2 hours long. Please note this workshop will be weather dependent. Deposits of £15 are required but if we have to cancel as a result of the weather or for any other reason you will be refunded in full. Contact Kathryn for booking or more information - hullandk@hotmail.com.



Join us and Shaman Darci Faulkner from The Shamanic Bee Healing Centre for some amazing workshops in 2020, dates to be confirmed. Contact darci.swift@googlemail.com

Beginners Mesa Workshop  

Create a Peruvian Mesa & connect with the Alpacas, who come from Peru, on this special day! By connecting with the mesa, we call in all of the mesa keepers, past & present & by weaving the alpaca energy in with this workshop, we will have a special energy to enhance the balance between the northern & southern lands of the hemispheres. Mesa keepers (mesayoq) are a shamanic healer tradition from Peru. This workshop will be a simple beginning to the understanding of the mesa, what is kept within it & what it can tell us. We will also be shown soul retrieval, which is a method of calling ourselves back.

Hedgerow Medicine Foraging 

The hedgerows in North Devon are filled with glorious abundance from Pachamama, Mother Earth. This bounty changes often & soon flowers become fruit, seeds grow around leaves & by Autumn time, the roots are what are calling. Many animals benefit from nutritious hedgerow offerings & when we connect with the alpacas at Rosebud Ranch, we will learn what they also enjoy or turn away from.
Come & enjoy the fresh air & learn what hedgerow plants can offer in terms of healthy benefits.
On the day we will be foraging & making teas, tinctures, vinegars & learning what else we can venture with in the coming months, such as oxymels.

FIELDS OF GOLD!! A very unique peruvian crystal & Alpaca workshop with Dan Rox, dates to be confirmed. £50 (£15 Non-Refundable Deposit).
In a lovely setting with views of Dartmoor. We invite you to come and connect with Crystals from Peru whilst we connect we will be in the paddock with the gentle energies of the Alpacas.
This is an outdoor event and hoping that July will be sunny, but please bring suitable clothing for the occasion.
We will connect with 5 different crystals from Peru. Followed by layouts with multiples of those crystals, plus an introduction to the friendly Alpacas. Contact: DanRoxCrystals@hotmail.com

ALPACA GONG BATH - with Karen Vogelin 

Come and connect with the Alpacas, the Earth and the deeply healing sound vibrations of the gong.

We will start with a meditation to connect with the beautiful calm energy of the alpacas. These animals show us that by simply being present and at peace with our surroundings, we automatically open ourselves up to new possibilities, adventures and creative exploration, allowing us to be truly available to life and what is has to offer. Alpacas remind us to respect our space, honour what nourishes us and maintain boundaries in order to take a more freed approach to our own personal pursuits.

Once we have created a peaceful place within our hearts we will lay down to experience the powerful healing sounds of the gong. Having an open heart and no expectations leaves us open to the healing vibrations of the gong. Allow the gong to take you on a sound journey, bring you healing and possibly insight and direction on your spiritual path.

We will then lay in the natural silence of the country side before slowly waking up and reconnecting with our physical bodies. Call or email Karen to book or for more info - 07969 564 528 littlebirdsmassage@gmail.com


We are very lucky to have the amazing artist Ruth Bateman holding workshops with us! Connecting to nature, earth and animal painting/drawing will be 4 hours at £70 each incl all materials & refreshments. 10 persons max, This exciting workshop will involve connecting and responding to the landscape through paint & mixed media, it is designed to allow each participant to engage with a deeper sense of self and to also become acquainted with the landscape around them, through walking and gentle meditation it is hoped that we can tap into and absorb the visual tapestry/poetry of place, it is about connecting to nature and also the animals that suround us. Contact Ruth to book and for more information - www.ruthbateman.com. Dates to be confirmed for 2020.


We also welcome individuals to come and paint/draw privately ( tuition not included), contact us for more information.

ALPACA TAI CHI!! The fist in the UK!!

We are proud to be the first farm in the UK to offer Alpaca Tai Chi with Daniel Gorvett, this will be held in the alpaca paddock with the herd. 

Come relax with soft flowing movements of Tai Chi and Qigong exercise. Gentle fluid postures to release the spine and free the mind. Learn to still your thoughts and tune into nature with the guidance of our friends the alpaca herd. A natural way to be mindful, switch off, disconnect and get back to the earth at Rosebud Ranch.

Tea/coffee & cake will be provided. £35

Contact Dan - 07816 250097 Email: highestsprings.com

Dates to be confirmed for 2020


We offer guided group photography experiences with professional

photographer Gemma Varney from Devon Photography Training. www.devonphotographytraining.com. This is for groups of 5-10 people and It can be with an SLR or if you are happy with just your phone that is fine. You will have the opportunity to take photos of the animals with tuition, we have alpacas & cria, sheep, hens, horses and our Northern Inuit dog Jim ( The breed used in the Game of Thrones). Also included is the chance for selfies with Jim and our halter trained alpaca Charleston. Contact us to book your group.

If you would like to come along and take some photos without tuition this is also possible, please get in touch.

Due to being a working farm we do not allow dogs.


Always wear suitable clothing & footwear, you will be expected to go through a disinfectant boot wash when entering the alpaca paddocks.

We are not a petting farm and we expect you to be calm & respectful around the animals.

We are not open to the public therefore booking is essential.

Not suitable for wheelchairs or individuals with severe mobility issues.

Please use the sanitising hand wipes/gel provided before and after any contact with the animals to ensure there is no transference of germs.

There is a compost toilet provided.

Children must be supervised and kept with you at all times.

Do not feed any of the animals.

Please be aware that although our animals are friendly, all animals are capable of biting.

MANNERS: Please be on your best behaviour! We are a small private farm and Rosebud Ranch is our home, it is also home to our animals and we do not compromise their welfare for any reason, unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

We will take a payment/deposit at the time of booking. 

Workshops are set dates but some may be able to arrange private group or 1-1 bookings, contact us for more information.

We do not take big groups & most of our workshops/group bookings will be 10 max.

If we have to cancel for any reason such as bad weather, sick animals or ill instructors you will be offered an alternative date or a refund.

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