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About us

We have always wanted our own land & animals so worked for many years towards our dream, Nick is a farmer's son, he has been in horticulture all his life, enjoys sea fishing and studied Wing Chun Kung Fu for 10 years. From when I was very young I wanted to work with animals, it was that or be an artist so I settled for having pets and I qualified in interior design and decorative painting techniques then worked in a creative arts university whilst raising our two children. Eventually I set up my own pet care business which was the perfect job and incredibly therapeutic for me. My love is horses & western riding after holidays in USA & Canada. Whilst living in Kent we purchased our first 3 alpacas and bred them in agistment until we were ready to move, I loved the idea of farming alpacas for fleece and creating products, I would be combining animals & art, I also loved the idea of spending time with them and we quickly discovered they had a very calming presence. We searched for land for a couple of years and finally found the perfect plot in Devon. We sold the house and made the big move to Devon in October 2017 with our Northern Inuit dog & 2 cats. Our herd of 11 alpacas, my american quarter horse and his new spanish mustang girlfriend joined us. We now have 30 alpacas and a few more additions to the Ranch....

British Charollais sheep were kept on the land previously and so we purchased 6 pregnant ewes from the farmer, I didn't expect to fall so in love with them!! After that came a few hens which turned into 10 and I suspect my husband will come home with more..Our bees are the latest addition to the ranch and so now we sell our yummy honey too!!

We aim to be as green & sustainable as possible, we want to farm organically, we grow our own veg and feed our horse pasture using the alpaca droppings, it has become highly sought after, it is great for no dig gardening & many allotments are using it because you don't have to rot it down first,  it can go straight from alpaca to garden! If you are interested in buying some you know where to come, we sell it at the gate!!

Our plans are to share the raw beauty and the peaceful surroundings combined with the company of our majestic alpacas, we want people to enjoy the views of Dartmoor and connect with nature. We are passionate about nurturing mind, body & spirit, being within the herd is great for stress relief so we hold classes such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness in the alpaca paddock, the alpacas are inquisitive but do not invade your space, they are not jumping in your lap for cuddles but will be close by watching & grazing. 

We will occasionally have alpacas and sheep for sale to appropriate homes, if you are interested in starting your own herd or flock, want sheep or alpacas as pets or would like to book us for a workshop do get in touch. We will also have yarn from our prize winning herd and other alpaca products for sale such as horse tack. We are not a petting farm or open to the public so visits are strictly by appointment only. 

My best friend ❤️ Alpaca Yoga, Rosebud Ranch
Rosebud Alpacas, Alpaca Yoga, Devon
Rosebud Alpacas, Horse, Mustang, Devon
Rosebud Alpacas, Horses sleeping, Mustang, Quarter Horse

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